hemp-vs-cannabis: drinkable

Delta-9 THC in Hemp-Derived vs. Traditional Cannabis: Know the Difference

It looks like cannabis, acts like cannabis, but is not cannabis— hemp-derived THC contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight without a limit for dosage in products, and is available for sale across many of the states. But what is the difference between hemp-derived and traditional cannabis?

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Cannabis Oil + hemp oil

How Cannabinoids Can Produce Purposeful Effects: CBD, CBN & CBG

Can different compounds in cannabis be purposeful and better for you in different ways? As a short answer, yes. So come along with us in this blog to uncover how different cannabinoids in the cannabis and hemp plant can help us stay relaxed, sleepy, or energetic.

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Witch DR IPA: Drinkable Co

In Collaboration with the Witch DR, Releasing a New Brew: THC-infused IPA

Dispensaries in Massachusetts are now debuting the FIRST non-alcoholic IPA— a Full-Spectrum Cannabis Non-Alcoholic Brew in partnership with the Witch DR based in Salem MA. If you’re looking for a crushable beer without the awful day-after feeling, The Drinkable Company has you covered.

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Witch DR Salem: Drinkable co

Conversation with Derek Arnold, Owner of Witch DR

Furthering people’s experience with cannabis has always been our primary objective. Consuming cannabis in beverage form is a beautiful thing. Cracking one of those brews open, and enjoying each sip takes on a different method than pipes— but enhancing the consumer’s enjoyment remains the same.

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