netflix and chill: hemp beverage

The Drinkable and Chill: Holidaze Edition

We cultivated the “it list” of movies for you & your friends to enjoy — only elevated, with The Drinkable Company. Plus, if you make it onto the nice list, Santa might gift you some of our hemp infused beverages.

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New Years Resolutions + Drinkable Blog

Ringing in 2024 with The Drinkable Co: In Mindfulness & Movement

For this New Year, consider trying out a "California Sober" approach with The Drinkable Company's hemp infused beverages– a lifestyle that allows for indulgence without the hangover!

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hemp display drinks: drinkable co

THC Drinks in Liquor Stores?!?! Whaaaaat!

If you are a last minute shopper like us, the new placement of hemp-infused THC beverages across liquor stores will satisfy your THC-beverage craving faster than that 2-day shipping! But is this legal?

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alcohol or hemp beverages: drinkable co

Cloudy With a Chance of “Pour” Decisions: Choosing Your Kind of Buzz

Alcohol and cannabis— how do they measure up? While they are both categorized as substances, hemp might be less harmful and actually have beneficial outcomes for users. Find out why in our blog!

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